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X-mas Wrap-up and Huge Giveaway

Happy Holidays!

The best part of 2020 is almost here – the end!

Speaking of gifts, here are two custom ornaments that Samantha Nielsen (aka Samsospooky) made patterned after my holiday books. They will haunt my tree for years to come.

My collection WE BLEED RED & GREEN is still free until Christmas Eve, don’t forget to grab a copy!

Reviews continue to roll in as the Christmas Spirit draws nigh. I especially enjoyed this article at


Every year we put out our Christmas Specials, and even though they were virtual this year it was a great boost to my holiday spirits.

Part One of The Six Demon Bag 2020 Christmas Special is up (Part Two drops next week), and we’ve also posted a winter themed episode of Put Up Your Spooks. Click on the pictures to listen!


My family checked out the Holiday Road immersive drive-thru light show in Calabasas.

Fun Fact #1: Calabasas, site of the ‘Biggest Loser Ranch’ near Malibu, Ca, was the original location of the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride. I was lucky enough to be there both years before they moved to Griffith Park.

Fun Fact #2: ‘Calabasas’ is from the Spanish calabaza for ‘pumpkin’. Legend has it that in 1824, a Basque rancher spilled a wagonload of pumpkins on the road en route to Los Angeles. The following spring, hundreds of pumpkins sprouted alongside the road. The area was named Las Calabasas—the place where the pumpkins fell.

The event was delightful, but I couldn’t help but compare it to the Halloween events from this year and long ago. What winter wonderland wouldn’t be improved with a horde of zombie elves?

We bailed halfway through Netflix’s Jingle Jangle but enjoyed Hulu’s Happiest Season, and have plowed through the holiday episodes of The Great British Bake Off. There is homemade cookie dough in the freezer that we are saving for Christmas Eve.

Speaking of homemade, I ran a special homebrew one-shot RPG for my friends full of zombies, chest-bursting elves, Christmas themed puzzles and a Big Bad from a very obscure holiday horror movie (1983’s Blood Beat).


The Holiday Horror Group Promotion is still going on until 12/24 and KJ’s Book Chat still has deals for fans of Urban Fantasy.

If you really want to fill the rest of your year with excitement check out the massive giveaway for The Superhero Mega Anthology.

You can join the email list for 500+ pages of superhero comics and prose, $600+ of art, posters, clothes and tons of free books.

My first superhero short story, From the Barrel of A Gun, is included. I’m also raffling off a signed copy of my follow-up superhero novel CRITERION.

Click here to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway

Now that you have enough free stuff to tide you over well into 2021 I’m going to sign off. I wish you and your loved ones a safe and happy holiday and a happy New Year!

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Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays! My e-book WE BLEED RED & GREEN will soon be free for a limited time on Amazon. Here is a handy picture you can hang on your fridge as a reminder:

Audiobook News

My Halloween Collection WE BLEED ORANGE & BLACK is now available, the Christmas Collection has been submitted and ‘Between The Teeth’ is in production now.

Podcasts & Interviews
 I have had some great reviews and conversations about the Christmas book, and I’d love you to check out, follow, and subscribe to these fine folks…

Angel interviewed me for the Horror Girl Problems podcast and Youtube channel. She is a contributor for Fangoria magazine, a photographer and sometimes werewolf. 
Patrick Keller runs The Big Seance podcast, your one-stop shop for all things paranormal. He loves the holidays and we always get into creepy historical weirdness.
Mike runs All Hallows Geek, a tremendous resource for the latest and spookiest news on Horror media, trends and live events. His coverage of the Haunt industry and the daily developments of this Halloween season were great. 

Hot Off the Presses

My story ‘Candy Cane’ also appears in A KRAMPUS CAROL: Gothic Blue Book IV from Burial Day Books. This collection is packed full of creepy yuletide tales by amazing authors with a gorgeous cover by Abigail Larson. 

My story ‘Salt & Stampede’ appears in Flash in a Flash’s 5th volume, Worth 1,000 Words: 101 Flash Fiction Stories by 101 Authors, which was successfully kickstarted in just 4 hours. That’s a lot of numbers.

Personal Life

I’ve managed to stay somewhat sane during quarantine by working on a variety of projects which I can’t wait to share with you.

There may be some changes to my household in the near future, we’ll see what 2021 has in store.

This is the year that I started making Egg Nog Lattes at home.

Yesterday, I ordered one at Starbucks and I received a terrible shock – they’re going to permanently discontinue Egg Nog Latte’s nationwide!

Of course, I’ll manage as long as my own Nog rations last (Note to self: throw out earthquake supplies to make room for emergency egg nog storage), but if Starbucks doesn’t give us something comparable, like Figgy Pudding Lattes, there will be trouble.

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