The Samhain Society

I am proud to announce that I have been inducted into The Samhain Society.

The ceremony was as wonderful as it was bizarre. A black cat stirred a pumpkin spice latte with its tail. We dissected candy corns by color and sculpted the pieces into three homunculi. Autumn leaves were smoked, wax lips were kissed, and fates revealed in the toss of glistening pumpkin guts.  I felt right at home.


The Samhain Society is a group of Halloween and horror content creators working together to grow our followings and the Halloween community. Together we ask and answer each other’s blogging/vlogging questions, receive feedback on our work, share each other’s latest posts/videos and, most of all, share our love of Halloween, horror and all things spooky!

You can follow The Samhain Society on Facebook and Instagram.

I’m looking forward to spreading the Halloween spirit with them all year round!

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