Let the bodies hit the floor

I was hanging out with my buddy (mad genius) Ryan Gerossie, eating burritos, when he told me about his dream to make a music video for the song ‘Let the Bodies Hit the Floor’, but with bananas.

Naturally, I was on board.

What began as an innocent lark transformed into a gothic action-horror epic of homemade miniatures, movie making, puppetry and bananas.

Forget pumpkins! If you truly want to celebrate Halloween this year, watch what happen when we carve up these bananas.

It started with the band
and then Dracula showed up
and banana ghosts…
and hordes of rotting banana zombies

Once you’ve filled up on action, comedy and potassium, check out the making-of video and go behind the scenes to see all of the crazy detail that went into bringing this project to life.

From Storyboard
and test shoots
set design
and movie magic!

Fans of the band Drowning Pool eventually found the video and brought it to their attention, where it enjoyed a brief moment of fame with a local radio station.

As for me and Ryan, sometimes we still get together to have burritos, reminisce and ritualistically murder bananas.

Happy Halloweenana!

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