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The word is out

There’s a great review of We Bleed Orange & Black over at All Hallows Geek and my in-depth interview just popped up on The Big Seance podcast. I wanted to post those links here before the swirling newsfeeds and social media moved on.


“the perfect collection of short stories for Halloween in quarantine.”

All Hallows Geek has become a vital source of news for me amid the constant changes and upheavals with this year’s Halloween. I highly recommend you sign up to stay updated (and enjoy reviews and long form entertainment like the live streaming concert and behind the music with Sean Keller!)


I had an absolute blast talking with Patrick on The Big Seance podcast. He’s working hard to present a bonanza of Halloween entertainment this year and is always keeping it spooky with paranormal investigations and ghostly topics. Listen to find out what happens when fudge meets salad!

I’ll have a few more interviews and reviews to share in the coming weeks, but these two were definitely highlights!

And of course, you get the book they’re all talking about here

We Bleed cover jpg

Kindle $0.99

Paperback $5.50

The Amazon link is:

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31 Questions with…

I sat down with Ed Erdelac over at the Delirium Tremens blog and answered 31 questions about all things Halloween.

Learn about my favorite monster, the most dangerous candy, the safest pandemic costume, and more!

Of course, we also talk about my book ‘We Bleed Orange & Black – 31 Fun-sized tales for Halloween’, which is available now!

While you’re there, be sure to check out Ed’s many books and offerings.

Ed has been crowned as one of the great writers of the New Pulp tradition, and I second that coronation. If you like action, Ed’s got you covered from the wild Weird West to the seedy streets of 1970’s Harlem.

The Books of Edward M. Erdelac

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The Samhain Society

I am proud to announce that I have been inducted into The Samhain Society.

The ceremony was as wonderful as it was bizarre. A black cat stirred a pumpkin spice latte with its tail. We dissected candy corns by color and sculpted the pieces into three homunculi. Autumn leaves were smoked, wax lips were kissed, and fates revealed in the toss of glistening pumpkin guts.  I felt right at home.


The Samhain Society is a group of Halloween and horror content creators working together to grow our followings and the Halloween community. Together we ask and answer each other’s blogging/vlogging questions, receive feedback on our work, share each other’s latest posts/videos and, most of all, share our love of Halloween, horror and all things spooky!

You can follow The Samhain Society on Facebook and Instagram.

I’m looking forward to spreading the Halloween spirit with them all year round!

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