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A Splotch, A blotch: 13 Songs about THE BLOB

Most years, I hunt down spooky tunes for my annual play list. This year, the spooky tune crept and leapt across the floor, slid and glided (glid?) under my door, and all around my wall. This year, the theme is the Blob!


I heard the unmistakable refrains of The Blob theme song, by Burt Bacharach and the Five blobs, on a Spanish language radio station. You can hear more about my descent into madness here.

I could not find a comprehensive list of songs about the Blob, so I knew that I must build my own. Unfortunately it seemed that every electronica band, by law, must label one song on each album ‘the blob’. Many hundreds of songs later, here is my handpicked list of 13 tunes you can and should play at your Halloween party.


The Blob Theme Song by Burt Bacharach and the Five Blobs – We begin with the original and mutate wildly from here.


La Burbuja by Liberacion – Here is the Spanish version that will make you shake your ‘burbuja’.


La Burbuja by Manuel ‘Loco’ Valdes – A very strange version by a Mexican comedian that has a lot to say about love, heart ache and banishing people to Japan.


Wolfman Jack sings The Blob (with The Jaggerz) – Now we have Wolfman Jack singing a song about The Blob SONG, in which he compares the theme itself to a monster that infests your brain.

The Blob by Sleaford Mods – This is a relatively new song by a british punk duo and it is delightful.


The Blob That Ate Everyone by Smashy Claw – A very literal approach to the subject that mixes melancholy strains with indy rock.


Green Slime by Richard Delveccio – This 70’s acid rock song is about a slimy monster from outer space, so I’m including it on the blob list. This jam will scream across your mind!


The Blob by Groovy Ghoulies – This punk song compares a selfish lover to the Blob


Les blobs attaquent la plage by Ludwig von 88 – This French punk song’s title translates as ‘The Blobs Attack the Beach’.


Can’t Stop the Blob by Far Flowers/Jordan Dittus – No Halloween playlist would be complete without some surf rock!

listen here on bandcamp

Fight the Blob by Class of 3000 – a funk song by Andre 3000


The Blob by Love & Respect – this rap demo is simple, effective and goes to an unexpected place that cracks me up.

listen on bandcamp

Here Comes the Blob by The Electric Company – This song and video really freak me out.

This list is now trapped in arctic ice, but teeming masses of sloppy music await you on this bonus alternative playlist.

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