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Prowl, Growl and Howl: 13 Werewolf Songs

It’s time for another list of Halloween songs, and this year the target of our hunt is…werewolves!werewolf dj

There is a surprising but wonderfully deep catalog of songs about lycanthropes.  It was a beastly task narrowing my list to just a few songs, buy my goal is always to select tunes that would play well at a party and expose you to something new.  This list will not include Ozzy, Duran Duran or Warren Zevon.   You should have those already.

Here are 13 tunes that are wild, hairy, and ferocious enough to get people howling on the dance floor.

1. Werewolf – The Frantics


This low key groove will make your skin tingle as if something was stalking you through moonlit woods.

2. The Killing Moon – Echo and the Bunnymen


BunnyMen and Werewolves, eternal enemies!

3. I Was A Teenage Werewolf – The Cramps


This song recounts the movie of the same title, and it makes me smile every time I hear it.

4. Teen Wolf – Governor Bolts

Dear God. I just found this song about Teen Wolf.   Life is amazing.

It's THAT kind of party

It’s THAT kind of party

5. Wolfman Jack – Binary Star


This was on my first list of Halloween tunes, and it’s worth repeating.

6. The Howl – Johnny Eager


Let’s take a jump back in time to when monster songs and sock hops were all the craze.  Dig those saxophones daddio!

7. I’m the Wolfman – Round Robin


From just a few years later, but much more wild and aggressive.

8. Werewolf – Five Man Electrical Band


Now into the 70’s, with a great narrative about a family with a werewolf problem.

9. Howlin’ For You – Black Keys


And we’re back to present day!  Here’s a recent hit to make your guests wolf out.

10. You’re A Wolf – Seawolf


When the old gypsy woman shows up, can werewolves be far behind?

11. Wolf Like Me – TV On the Radio


Ah, werewolf love.

12. Werewolf – Southern Culture On The Skids


Does the world need more werewolf love songs?  Yes.  Yes it does.

13. Werewolf Bar Mitzvah – Jeff Richmond and Tracy Morgan


I love this song, no apologies.

Don’t forget to check out previous lists of handpicked Halloween songs from previous years here and here.  Do you know of a song that should have made the list?  Let me know in the comments.


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