Trust the Dinosaur

Just came across this picture of me feeding scraps of raw chicken to a crocodile in Mexico with the help of a very long stick.

My wife and I were standing at the end of a rickety old dock by a lake in Quinata Roo, Mexico.  We saw an old Mayan lady who was advertising the chance to feed the crocodiles.  And we were taking a chance.

As we walked to the end of the shifting, creaking pile of sticks held together with rusted nails and bailing wire a pair of very large crocodiles swam towards as.

The woman skewered a piece of raw chicken onto the end of her pole and handed it to me.  My wife got a great picture of the closest croc eating but not of me holding the stick.  You’ll just have to take my word that the crocodiles were about 5 to 6 feet or longer.

"Whaaat? You want moooore???"

Fun fact: Crocs can jump 2/3rds their body length out of the water

As an afficianado of ‘When Animals Attack’ stories I had learned that Crocodiles can launch themselves out of the water 2/3rds of their body length.  I also knew that the concept of delayed gratification was probably foreign to these prehistoric beasties.  So why was I trusting this giant carnivore to choose a guaranteed supply of chicken nuggets in the future over 200 pounds of grade A american beef right then? I guess he had a clever look to him.

After we thanked the lady we turned to walk back to the shore.  Behind us I saw another large crocodile that had been sitting in our blindspot the entire time.  Clever girl…

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