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Jeff C. Carter’s stories have been featured in dozens of anthologies, translated for international markets and adapted for podcasts.

His love of science, adventure and Halloween continue to inspire his science fiction, action and horror writing. He lives in Southern California with a cat and a human.

He is a host of the Six Demon Bag Podcast.

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6 responses to “About

  1. Dee

    Hi Jeff,

    I was looking at old photos of a wrap party for the movie “Getting Personal” formerly “Somehow Scituate”. I think you were a production assistant. I found you on Goodreads as an author. Congratulations on your career.

    • I was indeed a PA on the film – although I thought it had been renamed Lost and Found. Where can I find a picture of the shoot? And how are you?

      • Dee

        I don’t think I have pictures of the shoot, just the wrap party and none of them are scanned. I am okay. Detours and back on the production trail. The Massachusetts Tax Credits keep the movie business near by. I am working to finish my first feature length documentary this year, but….. I am trying to get a machine going to pursue all the documentary and feature projects I have been stewing on.

  2. Dee

    I’ve scanned 3 photos. I believe you have my email and I can send them to you.

  3. Enjoyed your “stranded” email. It was well written and engaging. A bit too much like Castaway, but I read it nonetheless. Note: trees bark don’t grow up. A trees’s bark at 4′ at year 10 will still be at 4′ at year 100.
    Luck to you.

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