Ear Candy – a list of fine podcasts

I don’t just make a podcast, The Six Demon Bag, I eat, sleep, and yes, even listen to podcasts. I’ve been collecting and refining my library for years. Here is a partial list of some mainstream shows and a few hidden gems for you to try.

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Harmontown – Dan Harmon, writer of Community, Rick and Morty, Channel 101 and his friends plan to colonize the moon.

Dumb People Town – The Sklar Brothers and Daniel Van Kirk bring in a comedian each week to riff on weird crime stories.

CoolGames Inc – Griffin and Nick improvise new videogames (no longer updating but still hilarious)

Who Charted? – Howard Kramer and a guest break down the music, movie and tv charts each week

My Brother, My Brother and Me – An advice show for the modren era

How Did This Get Made? – Jason, Paul and June explore movies so bad they’re good (but sometimes just so bad)

Twinsies – Two comedians compare nearly identical films that were released at the same time

Role Playing

Acquisitions Inc – The Penny Arcade team explore and exploit the cut throat world of Dungeons & Dragons

Acquisitions Inc: The C Team – A franchise of Acquisitions Inc

Drunks and Dragons – A small but funny team muddle through a fantasy realm

Crit Juice – Always inventive, always funny, often very loud.

The Adventure Zone – The McElroy Brothers (and father) play hilarious and poignant D&D

Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff – Two writers, game designers and polymaths expound on stuff


Weird Things – Hosts Andrew Mayne, Brian Brushwood and Justin Robert Young share strange news, space industry gossip and comedy

The Infinite Monkey Cage – Physicist Brian Cox and a panel pick a new topic each episode.

Oh No Ross and Carrie – Skeptic investigators explore pseudoscience and fringe religious groups firsthand

MonsterTalk – the science and lore of monsters

Probably Science – Comedians discuss the science news of the week

Stuff to Blow Your Mind – A rich variety of topics from science and mythology are researched and explored in a pop culture infused, interdisciplinary show

Radiolab – A mix of art, science and journalism


The HP Lovecraft Literary Podcast – Readings and reviews of HP Lovecraft’s work and his contemporaries (subscription podcast, with one free show each month)

Story Break – 3 Hollywood professionals have 1 hour to break a story. Very funny, very informative.

The No Proscenium Podcast – the latest interviews and reviews of the Immersive Theater scene

My Haunt Life – Everything you need to know about Haunted Houses, amusement parks, alternate reality games, immersive theater and more.

After Things – The Weird Things crew reveal the triumphs and failures of life as a content creator

Lore – Spooky tales from myth and history

Voices of VR Podcast – All the latest news and behind the scenes interviews from the world of Virtual Reality

Writing Excuses – Four professional writers offer succinct advice about their craft

Throwing the Gun – superhero writers talk about the business, the medium and evil gorillas

Bonfireside Chat – This thoughtful and hilarious journey through the worlds of Dark Souls is an Undead Favorite.

Uncanny Japan – explores Japanese culture, language and mythology with live recordings in natural environments.


Waking Up – with Sam Harris – Politics, science and controversy

You Made It Weird – with Pete Holmes – hours of comedy and soul searching

The Nerdist – Chris Hardwick interviews everyone from everything

The Joe Rogan Experience – at night…all day!

The Tim Ferris Show – Optimal minimalism, life hacks, etc

The Dana Gould Hour – funny, informative, damned dirty apes


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