Here is the link to buy Frightmares, the flash fiction horror anthology from Dark Moon Books that features my story ‘Stranglers in the Night.’

This story was inspired by the Hillside Strangler case.  In the late 70’s there was a horrific spree of murders in the hills of Los Angeles, California.  The police would eventually capture two serial killers, cousins, who were working together.  During the trial one of the cousins instructed his girlfriend to continue killing women to make law enforcement officials believe that the real killer was still on the loose.

The concept of overlapping serial killers was new to me.  When I thought how each serial killer is usually given a single placename moniker, like the Boston Strangler, the Cincinatti Strangler, or the Honolulu Strangler I realized there was a lot of potential for confusion.  It would behoove them to coordinate.  As a matter of fact, the F.B.I. divides serial killers into 3 different categories: ‘Disorganized’, ‘Mixed’ and ‘Organized.’

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