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Halloween Playlists

My annual handpicked list of spooktacular songs

Beyond the Monster Mash (2011)

13 Spooky Tunes (2012)

Prowl, Growl and Howl – Werewolf Songs (2013)

Nosferatunes – vampire songs (2014)

Bloody Good Tunes – music from Horror Movies (2015)

Season of the Witch (2016)

A Splotch, A Blotch – 13 songs about The Blob (2017)

Gimme Some Horror Reggae! (2018)

Hip Hop Halloween (2019)

Spooky Scary Skele-tunes (2020)

Run the Blades – Spooky Synthwave (2021)

Video Rodeo

Music videos with great Sci-Fi and Horror elements

Lovecraftian K-Hole


The Six Demon Bag

My updated list of favorite podcasts

Ear Candy – recommended podcasts

The Six Demon Bag  My podcast about science, writing, movies, comics…all that kind of thing!